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Below you will find some of the common questions asked of the Civil Service Coordinator. If you have a question that is not answered below, please call the Civil Service Coordinator at 281-341-8590 or email

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Is there a limit to the number of persons who may be processed for the oral review board?
Yes, 10 candidates, however, others who score at least 70% and within 10 points of the highest preliminary score will be initially processed for advancement to the oral exam.
What is the minimum score for the written exam?
You must earn a 70% or above to move on to the oral exam and you must also be in the top ten or within 10 points of the highest score to move on to the oral board.
Does the Civil Service Commission send the final exam scores to the Sheriff’s Office?

No, however if the Sheriff’s Office requests the scores, they will be released.

The Civil Service Commission only shares the published eligibility list.

If you’re promoted to a new rank, are you on placement probation?
Yes, for 12 months.
Can I participate in the promotional processes through the Civil Service Commission while on Placement Probation?
No, unless the Sheriff requests a wavier which must be approved by the Commission at an Open Meeting.
What happens if you do not successfully complete your Placement Probation time?
The Sheriff can choose to extend the probationary time for an additional six months. If you fail during the additional six months, he/she can choose to demote you to the previously held rank.
Can I appeal a failed placement probation demotion to the Civil Service Commission?
Yes, it falls within the same process as any other appeal for Demotion, Suspension and/or Termination.
Who is protected by the Civil Service Commission?
All Sheriff's Office employees who have met all requirements of initial probation, classified as full-time, non-exempt status and at least one full year of service.
Are clerical/ secretarial staff covered under the Civil Service Commission?


All full time Sheriff's Office employees who have met all requirements of initial probation with at least one full year of service.

What does it mean to be an exempt employee?

Exempt employees (Captain rank or above) are not covered under the protection of the Civil Service Commission.

The Sheriff's Office can designate 10 employees as exempt. Those individuals must accept the exemption and the Civil Service Commission must accept the appointment.

How does the Civil Service Commission conduct promotion for a rank vs. department?

Exams are specific to the type of job skills required for the rank.

For example, if you test for the rank of Sergeant, the exam will be structured towards someone who is considered a first line supervisor.

What positions are promoted through the Civil Service Commission?

Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain.

Only classified employees are subjected to the Civil Service Commission promotional process.

What about the rank of Corporal?

The Corporal rank is being phased out by the Sheriff's Office.

Remaining positions will be renamed Sergeant without the promotional process.

Where can I find the job description for promotional positions?
Visit our Job Descriptions page.
Who picks the reading materials for each promotional exam?
The Civil Service Commission provides the Sheriff’s Office with an approved list and the Sheriff's Office chooses two study books which are valid for two testing cycles.
Who purchases the promotional exams and scores the exams?

Exams are purchased by the Civil Service Commission and are not shared with the Sheriff’s Office.

Promotional exams for Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain are scored by the Civil Service Commission.

Who determines if someone has met the minimum requirements to participate in the promotional process?
The Sheriff's Office and/ or the Sheriff's Office Human Resources Coordinator determines whether someone qualifies and provides the Civil Service Commission with the calculated longevity and College/ TCOLE points.
How is the Oral Board Scored?
The high and low scores are dropped.
What is the minimum score for the oral exam?
You must earn a 70% or above to be considered for the eligibility list.
When are the seniority and education points added?
Seniority and education points are added at the end of the process as you must score a 70% or above on both the written and oral to be considered for the eligibility list.
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